Bolivia Presents New Anti-inflammatory Drug to the World

La Paz, Mar 21 (Prensa Latina) The University of San Andrés ( UMSA) will, today, officially present to the world an anti-inflammatory ointment called Chillkaflam.

The phytotherapeutic drug, created from the plant Baccharis latifolia, commonly known as Chilca, was developed together with the university's laboratories and a multidisciplinary team of researchers.

The anti-inflammatory cream has undergone the scientific and clinical tests needed to ensure its quality, safety, efficiency and sustainable development.

The drug is the result of the joint work of research institutes at the Faculty of Pure and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biochemistry of the UMSA.

The Agency of International Cooperation for Development of Spain, the Swedish International Agency of International Cooperation for Development and the Organization of American States also participated in the program.

The multidisciplinary team already has presented the results of the research in a book entitled 'From the Plant to the Drug'.

This book includes a description of the plant, the traditional uses, the botanical characteristics of Chilca, its biotechnological applications, chemical studies, soil studies, of genotoxicity, pre-clinical toxicity, and the importance of natural products for the Bolivian industry.

The creation of Chillkaflam was a work of almost a decade. In the first five years, biologists, chemists and pharmacists were able to extract the active components of Chilca.